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Our Be Kind Event has ended...

But we think it's always time to be kind. Use #TDHKindessChallenge to show us how you are kind everyday!

ORIGINAL CHALLENGE: Over the last few weeks we’ve all been forced to slow down a little bit and some of us have even been able to return (or discover) new things we enjoy doing. Everyone is guilty of saying “I wish I had time for that” or “I’m too busy” - but now, the world has given us just that - time!!  From reading more books, to cooking, cleaning, spending time outside with family and friends, we are all finding ways to deal with this new normal.  We at Team Denver Homes wanted to use this time to do something kind for others, because if we could all just be a little more kind, this world would be a better place.  Let’s use our time to be kind to others - wave to a stranger, compliment someone, write a letter to family or friends or bake your neighbor some yummy cookies. 

For the month of June we challenge each of you to join us in doing one kind thing for someone every single day!  Make sure you post your acts of kindness daily to our Facebook group using the hashtag #TDHKindnessChallenge to inspire others and be registered to win some of our awesome prizes!

For every act of kindness you post on this page we will randomly select 1 person to win a $100 Amazon Gift Certificate and a 2nd person will win a $50 Amazon Gift Certificate!  Winners will be announced on social media.

Still not sure what to do?  We created a page with some inspiration for your here: 

  1. Help your neighbors by asking them if they need help with trips to go shopping, pharmacy, or if they just want some company (virtual company or pull up a chair outside).
  2. Spread positivity - there are so many examples of those helping others out there - share this news with the people you know and love.  We are really fond of and
  3. Give Blood -- People need our help now, more than ever, learn more here: or 
  4. Offer small business reviews for companies of people that you know or that you support
  5. Go on a hike and pick up trash as you go
  6. Donate old towels and blankets to animal shelter, here is one accepting donations:
  7. Return grocery carts that others have left out
  8. Send card to service member, learn about more activities to thank our service members here:
  9. Write a happy or inspirations chalk note at park
  10. Hide a treasure of toys at the park for someone to find
  11. Leave heads up pennies around town
  12. Toys for tots donation, link to donate here:
  13. Pay for the person behind yous coffee
  14. Say Thank You and Please to everyone you interact with
  15. Reach out to people in self isolation (elderly or those living alone) - Call or text your family and friends, send a funny meme, funny joke or video chat to cheer them up.  Everyone loves a good laugh.
  16. Smile (from a distance) or wave to a stranger and make someone's day a little sweeter.
  17. Many businesses are struggling due to closures - if you are able to, order a gift card online to use in the future or order pickup from a local restaurant- most offer togo cocktails, so it’s a win win!
  18. Leave a thank-you note for your mail person, delivery driver or someone else who has helped you.
  19. Donate clothes or homegoods to those less fortunate - Bonus points because this requires you to clean your closets, garages or junk drawers.  When you donate to others you find your gently used items a new home!
  20. Be kind to yourself - During times like this it’s easy to spread yourself too thin taking care of other people so make sure you use some of this time for self care, exercise, cooking, reading, etc. We all have a lot deal with and everyone copes with stress, anxiety, and fear differently - cut yourself some slack and practice self-compassion.
  21. Donate goods to local food pantries - here are some that are accepting right now: and 
  22. Put together care packages for healthcare workers, elderly neighbors, or those whose jobs have been affected
  23. Give someone a genuine compliment - everyone enjoys being complimented!
  24. Send out a kind email or handwritten card - snail mail is such a treat these days!
  25. Help clean up, without being asked - this can be helping family at home or a neighbor wit their yard.
  26. Let someone into your lane while driving
  27. Pay for the person behind you in line, if you’re able
  28. Create packages with a few essential items in it (soap, toothpaste, food, a blanket, etc.) and hand it out for people asking for money
  29. Say "I love you" a little more often to your family and friends.
  30. Bake something yummy and share it with a neighbor, friend or family
  31. Pick up trash that you see thrown around on walks or parks
  32. Gift something meaningful to someone: loan a book or bring flowers, share a recipe you know they will like, an inspirational quote, etc.
  33. Make a donation to an organization you believe in
  34. Send flowers to someone anonymously (and just because)
  35. Put some change in an expired parking meter.
  36. Let someone with only a few items cut you in line at the grocery store.
  37. Wave to people in the car next to you.
  38. Ask someone who enjoys cooking or who has cooked for you in the past for their favorite recipe.
  39. Send a nice email to a tech support representative who has assisted you.
  40. Send a meal to a friend (Grubhub, Postmates, or any local meal delivery)

What other acts of kindness can you think of to do in the month of June?  Tell us more on our Facebook Group (here:  by adding a comment for all to see!


Tell us how you are kind here!

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