Finding a School

People in Colorado place a high emphasis on education. As a result, 75% of all students obtain their high school diplomas, well above the national average. Most graduates pursue some form of post-secondary education. In fact, metro Denver boasts one of the most highly educated populations in the United States.

Colorado public schools are highly regarded and therefore most children attend public school. There are, however, many choices available in the private school sector as well. From prestigious prep schools to private religious schools, the Denver area has it all.

In Colorado, we recognize that some children have special needs regarding their education. Gifted and talented children will find programs designed to challenge them and help them learn at an accelerated pace. Children who require special assistance in their learning endeavors are also well cared for, with programs that are designed and implemented at neighborhood schools.

Colorado's colleges and universities will more than meet your needs. From cutting-edge engineering to arts and medicine, Colorado's colleges and universities enjoy an excellent reputation and are in high demand from students across the nation. Accelerated programs allow you to attend classes in the evenings while still maintaining your professional career.

The following pages will introduce you to many educational opportunities Denver has to offer. Please call our relocation department at 800-723-7653 for a personalized school report for your family.

Click here to see the School Accountability Report for the State of Colorado

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